Books by Dale Netherton

The Random Universe

This is a book about an alternative view of the nature of the universe. The theories advanced from religions and scientists have been dominated by either a designing or created universe. The alternative presented is the role of randomness in the existence of the universe. The contentions of a beginning and ending are challenged as well as the sources of views that have major logical flaws. This view of the universe contradicts most of the popular views now considered. This view is not written for listeners who determine truth to be a matter of faith. It is written for those who are open minded enough to consider the methods and conclusions of dogma and derivatives to be open to questions.

Peace Without God

This book is a description of how to attain inner peace without believing in an imaginary deity. It covers the positive thoughts and method versus the erroneous thoughts and method that make certainty possible.

The Soul Fallacy

This audiobook examines the idea of a soul, what it is, and what it isn’t. It covers what has been routinely accepted, and what is consonant with reality. This audiobook is for those who want understanding, rather than commiseration. The hope of the author is that there are people who are not satisfied with relying on the imaginary.

Barriers to Thought

This book addresses the many barriers to thought that are instigated either from external sources or by the inner workings of the mind. We examine the instances of failing to understand issues and the necessary component to address and instigate to remove barriers that prevent us from realizing our potential to understand. This book should probe your innermost thoughts, how they are often subdued and how to muster the necessary ingredient to counter this impediment.

Thoughts and Commentary

This is a revised edition of my original book “Thoughts and Commentary”. It has been edited and revised and contains some additions and deletions I thought would improve the quality of the book.

More Thoughts and More Commentary

This book is a follow up version of my previous book, Thoughts and Commentary, which covered a multitude of topics. This book is somewhat smaller but follows the theme of eclectic ideas and concerns. The hope is to reach a few hot buttons that listeners have identified and either substantiate or refute their views.

I intend to continue to write essays and compile them into books as a retirement project to keep me mentally active and share my thoughts with those who have wondered and pondered about various topics.

I have included among the essays a few poems that I think express my view of mankind and his challenges. This book has not addressed the phenomena of President Trump, which I think deserves a volume of its own.

I hope the listener finds some interesting viewpoints to ponder and has ignited some thoughts that have up ’til now not been examined. It is the thinking listener that I seek not agreement necessarily but reflection and consideration. Those who find what I am trying to express pleasurable and interesting are my kind of listeners. Welcome aboard.

The Manipulators

A cadre of young antinuclear activists is infiltrated and encouraged by a pair of foreign spies to effectively dismantle the nuclear defenses of the United States. The two spies find their values are being complicated by the fact they are falling in love with each other. Questioning what they have previously taken for granted creates concerns that place suspicions on them and their loyalty to each other and their cause. The resolution, requiring an honesty they are not sure of, leads to a climax that calls on all of their inner courage and devotion.

A Quittance

A Quittance continues the saga introduced in The Manipulators. The impending fate of the major characters in The Manipulators is revealed as they struggle with the inner and worldwide conflicts they encounter and the barriers that further confound their search for redemption. Faced with suspicion, doubts and subversion, they must invent, innovate and preempt to preserve their very lives and ultimately triumph over the evils that threaten their hopes, survival and values. The Manipulators is the prelude to their finding how they will resolve all they must overcome to reach the happiness they crave.

Poems, Essays and Stories

A book that introduces the reader to several categories and variety in one publication. The venue is unique and the experience intriguing.

Principles of a Successful Retirement

Principles of a Successful Retirement maps out the steps and pitfalls one may encounter in planning for their days after working. The book is a generalized outline of what the author identified and experienced. If the reader has any concerns about the future years after working this book guides him or her to dwell on things that may not have occurred to them before making that big plunge into retirement. The book is written to avoid a reader saying, “If only I would have thought of that”.