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As an author with a varied background from serving as a Marine to managing a plant, I offer a diverse collection of books that reflect my life’s journey and thoughts. In titles like ‘The Random Universe’ and ‘Peace Without God,’ I challenge conventional views on the cosmos and spirituality. My novels, including ‘The Manipulators’ and ‘A Quittance,’ weave captivating stories, while works like ‘Barriers to Thought’ and ‘Principles of a Successful Retirement’ delve into the intricacies of human understanding and life’s changes. My books are invitations to readers to explore an array of ideas and complex themes through my lens.

Dale Netherton

Dale Netherton graduated from Iowa State University in 1963. He obtained an MBA from Nova University in 1984. He has worked as a forester, a Marine, a lab technician, a plant sanitarian, a plant services manager, an owner and manager of a campground,a handyman and has written and published 14 books, Two poetry videos, been published in Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and the New York Times. For signed copies of books or videos his contact is dnetherton@me.con


Dale Netherton’s DVDs, ‘Melodies of Vision’ and ‘Scenes of Spirit,’ offer an immersive experience combining poetry, classical guitar music, narration, photography, and art, creating a unique audio-visual journey. To order these enriching DVDs and delve into a world where artistry meets creativity, please contact

My Reviews

This section is a mosaic of reflections, critiques, and appreciations, providing insights into how my writings on spirituality, fiction, and life’s philosophies engage and impact the minds of readers. Explore these reviews to see the diverse ways in which my work has been received and interpreted.

A concise option to the easily acquired faith.

Amazon Reviewer
Amazon Reviewer

I liked this book because it was easy to understand and did not give room for argument.I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read and is looking for true happiness.
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Amazon Reviewer

Dale L. Netherton’s The Manipulators pulls readers in from the first words of warning about nuclear warfare straight through to the last pages of a bittersweet parting. Although a work of suspense and action, the true heart of Netherton’s book lies with the very real humanity and love of two Russian spies. As Ilea and Natalia are thrown together for a mission to America to aid Russia in destroying America’s nuclear ability, their paths cross until they find themselves falling for one another. How though can two individuals who live a life based on lies ever grow to trust one another? Netherton is a master manipulator himself making readers fall for the two main chacters and relate to their situation. The Russian spies are mostly just like anyone else, good people who find themselves in unimaginable circumstances.

Further complicating their love is the very task of their mission. Nuclear warfare would undoubtedly have serious implications for the world at large. However, for Natalia, who has grown to love America and what it offers, their mission’s ultimate task of destroying America is too much. The action and plot of The Manipulators could easily be adapted to the bigscreen. We live in a world very similar to the one in The Manipulators where every day there are new threats against America. Sometimes, however, as Netherton points out, our biggest threat may be our own idealism that can make us prey to others.

M.N. Prather
M.N. Prather

The Random Universe by Dale Netherton presents us with a different approach to understanding and analyzing our universe. The author does not follow the traditional or religious-based theories that an all- knowing God designed our world. He encourages readers to use facts and evidence and not beliefs. He debunks these old theories from men’s imagination and explains the random evolution we have experienced over time. Man has improved and adapted like every other creature, but our limiting beliefs may be holding us back from achieving more knowledge. He lets us question the beliefs about the universe having a beginning and an end and gives evidence that explains how we live in a Random Universe.

The Random Universe analyzes the truth about our existence, the possibility of another life form in our universe, and the notion of a deity who punishes the weak and favors good people. Dale Netherton presents very valid points about our universe. He writes with passion and explains his ideas in great detail. The book is well written, with clear, bold headings, and it was easy to read because he did not use complicated terms. Most of the theories about our universe are based on ideas given by people from the past. They had no advanced technology, yet they formulated theories about celestial gods that later evolved into super gods. The author explains how man conjured up these ideas like Santa Claus, fairies, and leprechauns. He suggests we use reality to understand our existence, not thoughts passed on by older generations. This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to learn more about the randomness of our universe and how to use evidence and reality to understand our existence.

Doreen Chombu Readers' Favorite
Doreen Chombu

I found that most of the poems were light hearted and funny.The short stories & essays I think we’re a good way to look at ones life and apply the lesson learned from the book.

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Amazon Reviewer

Awards & Acolades

Dale Netherton’s literary journey is marked by notable achievements and recognitions, reflecting his profound impact in the world of literature. His insightful writings and unique perspectives have garnered him various awards and accolades. Among these, Dale has been honored for his innovative approach to exploring complex themes, ranging from philosophical inquiries to engaging fiction. His works have not only resonated with a wide audience but have also been praised for their depth and originality. These accolades underscore Dale’s commitment to excellence and his significant contribution to contemporary literature, cementing his status as an influential and respected author.


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My journey to becoming an author was fueled by a passion for exploring diverse ideas and sharing my unique perspectives on various themes, from philosophy to everyday life. My varied professional experiences and personal reflections have greatly influenced my writing.

What inspired Dale Netherton to become an author?

My journey to becoming an author was fueled by a passion for exploring diverse ideas and sharing my unique perspectives on various themes, from philosophy to everyday life. My varied professional experiences and personal reflections have greatly influenced my writing.

Can I purchase signed copies of Dale Netherton's books?

Yes, signed copies of my books are available for purchase. Please contact me directly at dnetherton@me.con for details on how to obtain your signed copy.

Does Dale Netherton offer speaking engagements or book readings?

I am available for speaking engagements and book readings. For inquiries about events or to schedule an appearance, please reach out through the contact form on this website or email me at

How can I stay updated on Dale Netherton's upcoming books and projects?

To stay informed about my latest books and projects, please subscribe to the newsletter through this website. You can also follow me on social media for regular updates and announcements.

Where can I find reviews of Dale Netherton's books?

Reviews of my books can be found in the Reviews section of this website. Additionally, you can check out reader reviews on online book retailers like Amazon and Goodreads.