Doreen Chombu
Readers' Favorite
The Random Universe by Dale Netherton presents us with a different approach to understanding and analyzing our universe. The author does not follow the traditional or religious-based theories that an all- knowing God designed our world. He encourages readers to use facts and evidence and not beliefs. He debunks these old theories from men’s imagination and explains the random evolution we have experienced over time. Man has improved and adapted like every other creature, but our limiting beliefs may be holding us back from achieving more knowledge. He lets us question the beliefs about the universe having a beginning and an end and gives evidence that explains how we live in a Random Universe. The Random Universe analyzes the truth about our existence, the possibility of another life form in our universe, and the notion of a deity who punishes the weak and favors good people. Dale Netherton presents very valid points about our universe. He writes with passion and explains his ideas in great detail. The book is well written, with clear, bold headings, and it was easy to read because he did not use complicated terms. Most of the theories about our universe are based on ideas given by people from the past. They had no advanced technology, yet they formulated theories about celestial gods that later evolved into super gods. The author explains how man conjured up these ideas like Santa Claus, fairies, and leprechauns. He suggests we use reality to understand our existence, not thoughts passed on by older generations. This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to learn more about the randomness of our universe and how to use evidence and reality to understand our existence.