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The Random Universe by Dale Netherton presents us with a different approach to understanding and analyzing our universe. The author does not follow the traditional or religious-based theories that an all- knowing God designed our world. He encourages readers to use...

Eric Stephen Berger, MD PS

It’s simple, really. If it’s written by Dale Netherton, you’ll find interesting, logical presentations of THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW. Dale doesn’t waste an inch of page… wish the font were larger for my old eyes.

Amazon Customer

I liked this book because it was easy to understand and did not give room for argument.I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read and is looking for true happiness. One person found this helpful

Amazon Customer

I found that most of the poems were light hearted and funny.The short stories & essays I think we’re a good way to look at ones life and apply the lesson learned from the book.